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I'm an aton in a sea of nothing looking for another to combine
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You know, sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good combination end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination, you know, like two people together…who nobody ever thought would be together ever.

A fan explaining what shipping is and asking crystal who she ships. [x]

“How to ruin an amazing TV show in 40 minutes”
— A guide by the how I met your mother writers (via la-v1e-en-r0se)

… so, are we gonna to believe…


that all of this was just a joke?

How I Met Your Mother unquestionable logic:


9x22 - The End Of The Aisle

Me: Awww yes, it was about time! This is the best tv show I’ve ever watched!

9x23/24 - Last Forever

Me: God no, I can’t breathe. This can’t happen. Nope. 

My heart is broken. I don’t want to live anymore.

This is the worst shit I’ve ever watched. 



Stay strong Klaroliners. At least we have hope, not like Swarkles fandom.

They’ve got fucking divorce!!!

Too many feels

I’m out.

The best tweets about HIMYM Series Finale.

a haiku about the himym finale


no no no no no
no no no no no no no
no what the fuck no

What I think about the HIMYM Finale




Zach Braff is my favorite human ever omg